Strategic Marketing

(Media expenditures are typically 60-80% of an advertising budget. Intelligent thinking, strong execution and good value are as important in planning and placing media as they are in developing creative messages. Let’s put it this way: Why have the Mona Lisa hanging in your living room if you’re going to make the frame out of popsicle sticks?)

The goal of Media Partners is to combine strong media buying practices with sound strategic
message content customized to each client and each project. Based on over 25-years buying markets all across the U.S., and our experience with major national accounts, designing and executing major media campaigns, we have the kind of experience it takes to create strategies that deliver results.

We work independently with advertisers, creative agencies, marketing/political consultants and in-house creative groups to provide effective, strategically sound media planning and buying.  When called upon for creative services we provide a deep and decorated group of experienced creative professionals who will build effective messaging campaigns designed to meet client strategic marketing objectives.