The Quickest Route to Your Audience


Welcome to Media Partners Inc. Chances are you've arrived here because your business or your creative dreams and aspirations require the use of media in some form.  For whatever you are doing, you need an attentive audience.

...Preferably, a paying audience.

From intelligent media planning, negotiation and placement to brilliantly effective creative messaging, we are the quickest most efficient route to getting your story in front of the right people.

Media Partners, Inc is structured to be a different kind of organization.  We're a small company whose main principals roll up their sleeves to partner with our clients providing intelligent thinking, effective marketing strategies and timely service.  Our clients include national, regional and local advertisers using all forms of media from network television to digital and social media platforms.  Our advertising client partners stretch from Alaska to the east coast and across to the U.K. 

No matter the road you took to get here, with Media Partners at your side, the journey to your destination will be a more direct route.